Hand knit baby socks, made from high quality 100% merino wool in Beige. Beautiful and practical accessory both for new born and "older" babies.         
The main benefits of merino wool are - it keeps your body temperature, does not overheat, non-allergenic and does not itch. Wool is also known as water and stain resistant and fire-proof material and the knitwear looks the same after years.         

Please select the size you need:         
0-3 Months 3"-3.9" (8-10cm)         
3-6 Months 4.3" (11cm)         
6-12 Months 4.7" (12 cm)         
Toddler 5.1"+, (13cm+)         

CARE:Hand Wash in 30C/90F, Dry Flat         

1. The customer selects a product of interest and place in basket. The order is made.        

2. Nesy.lv proceed the order and in 24 hours answer the client about the details - delivery time, delivery method, payment method, color, size or other specific preferences. 

3. Nesy.lv sends an order confirmation - invoice. Payment shall be carried out by bank transfer or Paypal. 

4. The order delivery. 


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