Hand knitted dress for toddler/ baby girl, made from high quality merino wool in Sand Grey, White & Pink. Soft, warm, very comfortable for the child and functional in use. 

It is made in seamless knitting, with button fastening on shoulders to make the dressing easier. 

Knitted from 100% merino wool - it keeps your body temperature, does not overheat, non-allergenic and does not itch. Wool is also known as water and stain resistant and fire-proof material. And it looks the same after years, even if it was worn every day. So you may pass the dress to future sisters and old Latvian belief says that it builds good relationships between the kids :)         

SIZE: 0-3 Months 56-62cm
3-6 Months 62-68 cm
6-12 months
12-24 Months or size 80-86cm 
NOTE: You may find matching hat and cardigan in my store. 
CARE: Preferably hand wash at 30C/ 90F degrees with wool detergent. Please absorb the excessive water with a towel and dry the items laid on the towel. Don't dry in the sun         

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