Waldorf inspired winter and snow hat. Hand knitted hoodie / balaclava hat for baby, toddler, child. Made from 100% merino wool in Purple, Silver Grey and White. Soft and very functional - perfect to keep the little ones warm and cozy during cold days.       

OPTIONAL: cotton lining for extra warmth. However, the hats are really soft and warm as they are - lining might be necessary only for freezing cold weather if there is no other hood to put on. Price 12$

Moms that favor hoodie hats like them because they are: 
* fast for parents to dress the child
* tricky for the child to pull off - No more lost hats! :) 
* keep the colds away - it covers the ears, the neck and stay on so well, what is so important if you wear your baby in a sling on your back. And it's perfect head cover for an active child. 
* So cute looking :) 

Size: 6-12 Months 
1-3 Years 
3-6 Years
6-10 Years 

Hand wash in 30C/90F. Roll in a towel to remove excess water and lay flat to dry                

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Balaclava hat

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